Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dedicated to my Only Chinese Friend-Chiam Win Nee

Hello, today I am going to write about the famous chinese emperor, the one and only Qin Shih Huang, or better known as Shih Huang Ti. Now, let's start the show:

When the boy king Qin turned 21 years old, he killed the regent who had been ruling in his name and took control of his own kingdom.

He declared himself as the First Emperor in 221 B.C and became a new ruler who immediately centralized his power. He also established a powerful bureaucracy and standardized the legal systems, weights, measures, money and writing. The most famous statement made by him was,

"To have great power, the state must be united"

While he struggled to unify China,he was actually hatred by his own society. The main reason why he was hatred so much is because of his own self; a KILLER. He had killed many Confucius scholars as these scholars harden on the mercy of a king to the kingdom, meanwhile king Qin preferred to be the mean king whom must be respected by all. He was also the man behind the mega projects, The Great Wall of China and the Mausoleum which is filled with 10000 life sized terracota warriors in Xian, China.

Although King Qin did almost everything to make sure he will be immortal, but at last, as human, he too died without leaving behind any descendants. The ministers were worried upon Qin's death, that there would be a revolution, so they decided to bury the king secretly. Myth said that king Qin's tomb is located in a cave without gravity. The tomb was designed exactly like his kingdom with the palace itself. Everything is said to be floating inside the tomb.

Despite the ministers' careful management in hiding King Qin's death, China descended into chaos once again within four years of his death.

-so, chiam, are u shih huang ti? the first emperor? hahhaha:) Just joking ok darling-

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